HFN Platinum Network

HFN Platinum Network is HFN’s highest performing network, utilized by motivated emplyers who want increased control over their healthcare spend. HFN only includes select high quality hospitals and providers in specific geographic areas in exchange for deeper discounts. Many employers use Platinum in a tiered benefit plan as a lower cost offering in conjunction HFN20 and HFN CHC.

In addition, national coverage, primary networks and the whole suite of Stratose cost containment products are available through HFN. For more information about how HFN and Stratose can reduce your healthcare spend through customizable solutions contact Client Management.

HFN Platinum Network


Over 60 Hospitals


Over 20,000 Physicians

Does our HFN Platinum Network fit your needs?

Does our HFN Platinum Network fit your needs?

If you are an employer pursuing an aggressive cost-savings benefit solution with all the support to be expected of the state’s leading healthcare network, Platinum may be the answer you need. If you’re headquartered or have employees in a narrow geographic area, we encourage you to contact us about HFN Platinum.

Please contact Client Management for more information.

Advantages of HFN Platinum Network

  • Network covers Northern Illinois, including all of metro Chicago and outer border counties, Central Illinois, Interstate 80 and Interstate 39 corridors plus Quad Cities
  • Extremely competitive savings and quality providers
  • Significant Provider Savings – reinforced by HFN’s Preferred Stop-Loss relationships
  • Flexible Partner – providing “personalized” service for all our clients
  • State-of-the-art technology and EDI capabilities — consistent with HIPAA guidelines

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