HFN Licensed WC PPP

Workers’ Compensation Preferred Provider Program in Illinois

HFN was one of the first networks to be approved by the Illinois Department of Insurance as a licensed Workers’ Compensation Preferred Provider Program Administrator (WC PPP). The HFN WC PPP offers employers the ability to direct care to those providers that are skilled in the provision of injury care: committed to appropriate and quality treatment, referrals and efficient care management that can get the injured employee back to work at the highest level of functionality.

When an employer chooses to utilize a Workers’ Compensation Preferred Provider Program (WC PPP), an injured employee is given access to the WC PPP network and is able to select a provider or facility from within that network. Employees have two choices of WC PPP providers, and all of the resulting in-network WC PPP referrals from those providers, covered by their employers. The WC PPP gives the employer increased direction over provider choice that can help reduce inappropriate treatment and get the injured worker back to work and to his/her family.


HFN Custom WC PPP solutions are designed to take full advantage of WC PPP provisions that grant employers increased ability to direct injured workers into networks that work best for both members and the employer. These solutions can significantly lower your workers’ compensation costs, improve employee health, and promote a Return to Work initiative to increase productivity for your entire workforce.

An HFN representative is available via phone, email or through contact via this web site to discuss any questions you may have regarding the WC PPP and the Illinois Workers’ Compensation law. We are ready to begin implementation of one of these Workers’ Comp solutions for your organization.

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HFN Licensed WC PPP

Advantages of HFN Licensed WC PPP

HFN has one of the largest Coordinated Occupational Health Networks in Illinois (COP®)

  • HFN COP® networks enhance and emphasize the Return to Work initiative
  • 24-hour in system coverage

HFN has the largest workers’ comp network in Illinois

HFN has competitive provider savings

HFN accepts electronic claims submission

HFN has fixed access fees below market

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