HFN Work Comp Direct Network

HFN Work Comp Direct allows our clients the flexibility to choose the level of service that best meets their individual requirements and needs. Work Comp Direct offers benefits similar to those of licensed WC PPP, like increasing network penetration by injured workers, without the regulatory paperwork. In addition to HFN provider panels, other cost containment program components are available on a standalone basis.

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HFN Work Comp Direct Network

Provider Bill Repricing

An employer may elect to send bills to HFN in order to pay the provider directly. HFN will reprice to the State of Illinois Workers’ Compensation Fee Schedule or the HFN contract rate (whichever is lower). Employer includes the HFN repricing form with the provider payment. The HFN charge is a per bill fee.

Provider Locator Services

Employer may elect to refer employees to an HFN Coordinated Occupational Health Provider ("COP") site by utilizing the HFN Provider Locater Service ("PLS").

Early Intervention Case Management

Customers may utilize both the Provider Locator Service and Early Intervention Case Management programs. The Early Intervention Triage Nurse will review the First Notice of Loss and supervisory reports, conduct initial triage assessment, confirm the diagnosis with the medical provider, and notify providers regarding the employer's return to work (RTW) availability and modified duty options.

Total Absence Management

Total Absence Management, “TAM”, uses current technology to establish a single point of contact for managing all employee unscheduled absences. The goal of TAM is to reduce the duration of any absence in order to increase productivity.

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