HFN COP® Program

Coordinated Occupational Health Providers

The HFN COP® Program is a comprehensive approach to management and delivery of workers’ comp and occupational health services.

A COP® site is a contracted HFN workers’ compensation provider that supports HFN principles/philosophy/policies that includes a designated 24/7 back-up facility, which is usually a hospital or ER that provides 24/7 coverage to each certified COP® site. Back-up facilities are both HFN providers and located near the COP® site, and may include such services as PT, OT, home care, ambulatory surgery and MRI to support the COP® site.

HFN confers COP® status on providers that have passed our onsite inspection, including staff and medical director interviews, and who meet the strict qualifications of the program. All hospitals, physicians and ancillary providers in the COP® program have signed agreements to accept workers’ comp discounts.

HFN COP® Program

Key Features of HFN COP sites:

  • Focus on the delivery of primary care occupational health services with a “return to work” (RTW) philosophy.
  • Utilize a defined panel of referral specialists and case managers with referral appointments occurring generally within 48-72 hours.
  • Utilize enhanced communication protocols at the first report of injury.
  • Registered employers have their RTW and contact info on file with the COP sites that expedites and enhances registration, scheduling and handling of work-related injuries.
  • Enhance the continuity of care while also improving the quality of care.
  • Lowers employer costs and manages both the cost of care and the indemnity cost.

Total Absence Management (TAM)

Total Absence Management (TAM) paired with the HFN Network solutions offers a fully integrated method to manage the health and productivity of your workforce. For more information about this product, contact the HFN Client Management Team.

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